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You can read more of these close looks here. When HBO first announced an ambitious new series called Westworld from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy , expectations were both sky-high and a bit muddled. Initially, the show also had to overcome some critical controversy and concern about whether Westworld was just another genre show where the systematic and violent abuse of women existed simply for thrills and chills. And eventually, a new narrative emerged.

Thandie Newton Got REALLY Honest About Male Nudity On "Westworld"

Why Westworld star Thandie Newton didn’t want to wear merkins for nude scenes |

After becoming sentient, aware of her status as a robot and that, in her previous "life" she'd had a "daughter," she begins to rebel while she's being "reprogrammed" at night. Coincidentally, this happens to be when she's nude—her "natural state"—versus the brothel-madam costume designed to objectify her for the park's visitors. Westworld is now on season two, and because this is HBO and nudity is a given, Newton still does nude scenes in the show. In case you don't know what this delightful word means, it is a pubic wig. Should a lady choose to go bare down there but then need to have a little bush going on for, say, their character's nude scene on a hit HBO show, a merkin comes in handy. Handy, that is, unless you're Newton, the proud owner of a bush all her own.

Thandie Newton/ Westworld

On Wednesday, Thandie Newton , the highlight of HBO's mystifying Westworld , was featured in The Hollywood Reporter 's annual roundtable conversation for dramatic actresses, and she shared some tough truths about gender bias in Hollywood. As part of a conversation that included Angela Bassett, Claire Foy , Maggie Gyllenhaal, Elisabeth Moss, and Sandra Oh , Newton joined her fellow actresses to participate in a dialogue about inequality in the industry—particularly discussing the wage gap for television actresses and the thorny intricacies of onscreen nudity. The likelihood of a woman appearing nude onscreen is almost three times as likely as a man appearing nude in Hollywood films, according to a report from The Guardian. When responding to the moderator's question of what it is like to be a woman who is constantly asked to perform scenes in the nude, Newton shared an anecdote from the set of season two of Westworld , on which the actress plays an extremely humanlike "host" robot named Maeve her character is introduced to audiences as a brothel madam and subsequently appears in many scenes with few or no clothes , and how her experience has differed from that of her male costars.
HBO shows are known for their nudity and violence, but it isn't always just to entice viewers. Unlike Game of Thrones, the nudity in Westworld is of great importance to the story, and without it what happens to the Hosts wouldn't be as horrifying. That said, it's still an important decision for any actor to appear nude on screen, especially when it's as often as Thandie Newton's character Maeve, who - along with Rachel Wood's Dolores - probably has the most nude scenes out of everyone on the show.