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Browse our picks. Title: Forty-One Witnesses 03 Feb A woman is sexually assaulted by a group of teens outside of an apartment building. SVU tries to build a case against her aggressors, but none of the the dozens of potential witnesses who saw the attack are willing to come forward.

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Fin Tutuola. After 17 seasons, she's in a class of her own. It was announced at the end of the sixteenth season that star Danny Pino who portrayed Detective Nick Amaro would be departing the cast; however, the producers did not kill off his character, leaving open the possibility of a return. Leight said to The Hollywood Reporter on character departures, "I try to leave that door open.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ 17×13 Recap: Kitty Genovese, Redux

In a diner down the street, a woman was drugged and laying in a chair when two adult men and a young man approached her and tried to push themselves on her. Since she was too weak to fight back, they carried her out of the restaurant. As they left the restaurant carrying the woman a passerby saw what they were doing and one of the men stopped and told her their friend had just been partying too hard.
Here, here Kat! But you know what else would be great? They're killing it with the Hamilton cast this season I have tickets in three weeks, so I am super-psyched! She played a lawyer on the now defunct OLTL and can do the deal. I really liked this episode.