Sex with yoga teacher

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When I first began practicing yoga nearly a decade ago, I studied with an attractive man in his 40s. He had a supple body that defied gravity and eyes the color of the sea. He was patient and reassuring when I was going through a rough spot. I'll admit I was drawn to him, not least because he seemed to have that unnameable thing many experienced yoga teachers have—call it knowledge of something magical, old and sacred. I was eager and impressionable. In short, I was an easy target.

This Is Why Yoga Is So Sexy

Yoga, Sex, and the Teacher-Student Relationship - 90 Monkeys

Is it ever acceptable for a yoga teacher to sleep with their student? Their alleged transgressions, serious and disturbing as they may be, are gross exaggerations of what occasionally happens in the yoga community — despite the unwritten code of conduct against it. Yes: yoga teachers have sexual, consensual relationships with their students. People with a shared interests are drawn to one another — yoga can be all-consuming and dedicated practitioners apply the philosophies of yoga to all aspects of their life.

Sexual Assault Allegations 'Proven to Be True' Against Famed S.F. Yoga Teacher

Like cheerleaders and gymnasts, yoga instructors often have to field the innuendo-laced question, "How flexible are you? But — because you know this is what the asker was implying — that's not the only reason they're good in bed. They also embrace that whole being-present-in-the-moment thing, which is a huge boon for one's sex life.
One NYC-based yoga teacher went as far as to suggest that a yoga teacher sleeping with students is a form of sexual abuse. But as a new transplant to Santa Monica a city I often refer to as 2nd chakra central , I was hardly surprised. At the very first class I took in L. There I was, minding my own ujjayi breath, when suddenly I felt a hand sliding over my spandex covered thigh.