Scums wish episode 7

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From start to finish this was uncomfortable to watch as it built and built until Moka confesses her feelings to a clearly unreceptive Mugi. In this final part of the sequence, Moka decides to throw away untouchable and cute outer shell and allow Mugi to touch her — which of course he does. The hardest part of this episode for Moka though comes at the end, after she has abandoned her dreams of any real love with Mugi in order to have sex with him. It is at this moment, that Mugi decides he does in fact have a conscious, and refuses to go through with the act.

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However, just as I expected, the time has finally come where the show has taken a slight dip in quality with an episode that was by no means bad, but was certainly a step down from the previously established narrative. Speaking of Hanabi, our main heroine is practically absent this week getting a short scene with herself and the guy she was trying to seduce last episode and another scene at the end. Aside from that, not much else happened this week. This was by no means a bad episode, in fact, it was brilliant and beyond the level of quality most shows ever achieve in their full runtime. But I expected a little more than what we got, and the tiniest of cracks have shown as a result, if only for a brief moment. Thanks for sharing! It helps me somewhat stay in the loop!

Scum’s Wish: Episode 7 (Review)

For most of her life, Noriko "Moca" Kamomebata was under a magic spell. As long as she truly believed that her love was pure, Moca could be a princess. She could charm people around her into giving her whatever she wanted, surrounded by a sparkling veil of "specialness" reinforced by the purity of her feelings.
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