No game no life episode 6

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Naturally in the anime world, one of the most fearsome and ruthless creatures… should turn out to be a cute girl. Since Jibril, the Flugel is greatly interested in knowledge. Sora decides to bet all his ebooks on the tablet against her… and so the fan service builds to a climax… in the most blatant way possible. Shiritori is the game… Meterialization Shiritori that is. Things will appear and disappear according to the words. Everything after the game will be undone after.

No Game No Life

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A being of knowledge and refinement…. After the shenanigans of last episode , Sora and Shiro are ready to get down to business and fight for the most powerful weapon in all of Disboard: knowledge. Having discovered the long closed Elkia Library, the siblings must challenge its owner in order to gain access to the vast knowledge stored within. The new librarian is a Flugel, a high ranking Exceed race, and they never lose…. Meet Jibril, a Flugel with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Seriously, this girl is crazy for information. Throughout the episode she switches back and forth between sweet, innocent knowledge seeker and arrogant, unrelenting competitor.

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Aren't your flying and collecting heads days over? It will surely not backfire! Surely it will not backfire!
But it was not just any game of shiritori. It was Materialization Shiritori, which meant any valid word they played actually materialized — or dematerialized, if it was already present. On one side of the battle we had a being whose intellect is far superior to humans and whose battle instincts were honed over thousands of years. On the other, we had two NEETs whose tactics have evolved over just a few years — and for online video games. Do they stand a chance against such a formidable foe — a foe who barely considers them alive?