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In regards to our video we shared with you the other day, Tom has been a plonker and accidentally deleted the vid! A big thank to you Lizzie's Lowdown for the review!! We hope you're all keeping well out there!! Jump to.

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Lost Art Of Conversation’ by Naked Six

Band Spotlight: Naked Six – Soundsphere magazine

Naked Six are one of the most exciting pure rock bands to come out of Yorkshire in the last decade. We all met each other in school when we were about years-old, and started jamming together about a year ago. It all just went from there really, something just clicked if you know what I mean. There are some great rock bands around York at the moment. S] What keeps you guys passionate outside of music — think people, places and movies for example? We are quite active people though we like to be outside, go surfing, skating and living near the coast, naturally we like to spend a lot of time at the beach.

Band Spotlight: Naked Six

Join Songkick to track Naked Six and get concert alerts when they play near you. View all past concerts. A three piece at the time bassist Caleb has since left the band , Naked Six embody the filthiness and rawness of post grunge punk perfectly.
And while that would be enough for any sound mind to write this off completely, the glimmers of hope do make an impression overall. Get past the unflattering production and Byford is a decent singer as far as half-steps into a punk sneer go, and when they go a bit grittier and louder like on Split or bring in winding saxophone passages on the likes of 21st Century Brawl or Peace By The Pistol , the darker Brit-punk atmosphere is much more well-rounded and interesting. It also helps that Naked Six clearly have a wider musical repertoire than might appear on the surface; a track like Outside Looking In might feel like a token, Oasis-ish slow-burn, but the touches of psychedelia and even the slightest hints of prog that have been tightly woven in give it a lot more longevity and intrigue.