My daddy touched me

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I was 12 when my father first touched me inappropriately. It took me reading about Lolita, more than a decade later, inciting and luring her stepfather into intimacy to realise that my first experience of any form of sexual pleasure came from my own father. It began with him doing me little favours — siding by me in a fight, buying me treats, taking me out. Slowly, kisses on the mouth became common. Over the days, I noticed something hard rubbing against me.

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I can remember hiding in the bathroom when I was small, scared that my father was going to touch me in places where I did not feel comfortable. Some days when my mother would go out, I would lock myself in the bathroom until she came home. I had a feeling that what my father was doing was wrong, but he always told me he did the things he did because he loved me. I was around 7 years old when my father started abusing me sexually. He never stopped.