Honey select unlimited characters

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Honey Select was released on May 29, Here, you can download the full version of Honey Select Unlimited and enjoy it on your windows. Honey Select Unlimited is a game created by one of top Japanese H-game companies, named as an illusion. It strives to provide an extremely customizable character building that allows you to make just about any girl you could imagine.

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Illusion Game Cards

Legend 3 years ago. And not needed if you use the links posted above! Q: What versions are there? A: This is the new DLC and this is needed for game version 1. A: Most likely there is a conflict with a other mod see 2.

Honey Select Mods

To add these characters into your Honey Select game make sure you have all the required mods installed, then simply drag the main download contents into your game folder. In game you can compare each character attribute to the ones listed in the character download page to make sure everything matches always check face skin. Aside from that you might have a different game color configuration, so I recommend tweaking: skin color, makeup color and makeup transparencies to your taste, they will make a big difference. I love your card and scenes from the boru, hoping for the return of the glorious cards.
Sudden Assault 2 Viper. Make-up fixed 4all. Punkish locks. Tera Halloween