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LL and LeShaun go back and forth with flirtatious lyrics for any man or woman to relate. With persuasive lyrics, Usher helps seal the deal with getting you in the mood. Every lyric will accurately describe what your night may turn out to be. She gonna get hers before I. This is only the beginning of these sexy lyrics. Ludacris makes our list again as he is the rap version of Trey Songz sex-positive ballads.

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Sex is a part of life. When it comes to sex and love, LL Cool J is the originator and master. It all started back in , when he created the first rap ballad with ' I Need Love. On his classic hit 'Doin' It,' the Queens rapper reveals his sexual desires to a fictitious lover, played by rapper LeShaun. Naughty By Nature opened up a can of worms with their classic song 'O.

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Canada is projecting up to 60, cases a day if citizens increase contacts, new modelling figures suggest. Some people expect great art to come to some grand conclusion on life, death, and the meaning of it all. Naturally, some of the most memorable moments in rap have been songs about getting freaky, from the bedroom to the car to the hotel to the motel to the Holiday Inn, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. I, for one, am in favor.
View Product Details. Don't have an account? Sign Up. For the purposes of this examination, sexy rap songs come in two styles: the sensual and the raunchy.