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By Hannah Sparks. September 24, pm Updated September 25, am. Not in the beginning, says year-old Lauren Cotter, who was born with uterus didelphys, a birth defect that results in two reproductive systems in one body: a womb, cervix and vagina split down the middle, each half the size of one healthy uterus. According to researchers , about one in every 3, women is born with a double uterus. The elementary school teacher from Melbourne, Australia, received her unusual diagnosis at age 16, after two years of agonizing periods that began when she was

This Woman Has Two Vaginas—Here’s How That’s Actually Possible

This Woman Has Two Vaginas—Here’s How That’s Actually Possible

Molly-Rose Taylor, 19, was diagnosed with the rare condition known as uterus didelphys — which caused her to have two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs. The nanny suffered with agonising period pains from the age of nine, which caused her to become delirious and faint frequently. She was misdiagnosed four times and says multiple doctors failed to spot the 2cm thick wall of tissue running vertically down her vagina known as the longitudinal septum — which caused her to have two distinct vaginal passages. After five years, Molly-Rose began to research online and discovered her condition. Now, she is sharing her story for the first time to raise awareness of uterus didelphys. Molly-Rose says there was a lack of knowledge and awareness in the medical practise and she had to tirelessly research online before finding uterus didelphys. It was best for me to sleep during the examination to avoid me tensing up again.

Woman born with TWO vaginas and TWO cervixes becomes a mother-of-four

A woman who was told she may never become a mother after being born with two reproductive systems has given birth to a total of four children. The condition — which affects around one in 3, women - meant she was born with two uteruses, two cervixes and, in her case, two vaginas. The primary school teacher was told that carrying and delivering children would be difficult because her wombs and cervixes were half the size of an average woman.
There is a special lady from Ghana who was born with a rare condition of having two vaginas, two cervixes, and two wombs. This condition occurs during fetal development when the two tubes that normally form one uterus instead become two separate structures. There are some instances which a double uterus may have one cervix that opens into one vagina or each separate uterine cavity may have an individual cervix and vagina. This leaves the woman with two vaginas. Elizabeth usually complained of tummy aches, recurrent vaginal thrust, lower back pains, and irregular menstrual periods when she was growing up.