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The duration of G String Divas is Jordan has modeled for several Brazilian companies since leaving the show. Straight to number 1 I find you very attractive. It is amazing how difficult it is to find any information on the whereabouts or goings-on about the dancers on 'g-string divas. Still, there is little to no info on these dancers.

G String Divas

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The show was filmed in , and follows the lives of strippers working in a Bristol, Pennsylvania gentlemen's club. The premiere episode delivered a 7. The club featured on it, Divas International Club, was attached to a hotel, and was converted to a banquet facility shortly after filming ended. In one episode, the dancer Summer refers to a homicide case in which an obsessed customer killed his wife.

"G-String Divas' peeks into the lives of strippers

After surveying more than 50 clubs around the country, HBO selected Bristol's Divas International Gentleman's Club for its episode, "adult docu-soap. The R-rated G-String Divas, which follows the personal and professional lives of a real group of exotic dancers, debuts at 11 p. Its regular time slot will be 11 p. Divas is perhaps best known as the former employer of college student Rachel Elizabeth Siani, 21, who danced at the club under the name Roxanne before she was choked to death March 29, her body dropped off a Delaware River turnpike bridge.
HBO expands its latenight sexploits with a hybrid documentary series that tracks the lives of eight strippers in a "gentleman's club" north of Philadelphia. Show differs from other docs that have aired on HBO and sister channel Cinemax that have drawn on the grind, sans bumps, of women taking off their clothes for a living. Like the clubs themselves, it quickly becomes boring. By Phil Gallo.