Ember vs ember prime

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Ember vs Ember Prime

Ember Vs Ember Prime - General Discussion - Warframe Forums

By rob , May 13, in General Discussion. The only difference between primes and the regular counterparts is polarities, MAYBE a slight difference in stats ie: Rhino Prime is faster than the regular Rhino , and you can get free energy from deathcubes in the Void which can be shared as a team replenish. I want her cause when i get the Smoke pallet and can use Black Fire it will look like i have the Amaterasu fire on my head. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Ember Prime

Click here for all the rules and guidelines. Click here for our rules change-log. Build Ember or Ember Prime? The only difference between Ember and Ember Prime stat wise is armour and shields compared to armour and shields which really isn't significant at all, I'd definitely recommend going for the normal Ember. You're free to use the Ember Prime builds on it although the default polarities are different, I'd actually argue that the double dash of Ember is better than the V and D of Ember Prime.
There was a gasp as the light hit her face. Her right eye was bright and blinking, but her left was a greasy slit. Her skin had been burned moon-white.