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You will need to have first started The Thunder Helm side quest to be able to access this side quest. You need to find the little Gerudo girl named Dalia, who is located in the Northern corner of the town in a small alley. Speak to Dalia who complains that she cannot grow plants because the water is polluted and sets you off to find the polluter. You can find the trail of pollution by inspecting the nearby waterfall where melon rinds occasionally float down, Climb up and pursue the rinds as they float down to the Eastern corner of the town. Her name is Calyban and she's sitting in the western corner eating Hydromelons and carelessly throwing the rinds into the water.

Gerudo Clothes

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Gerudo town is a city in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It is located in the harsh desert in the southwestern corner of the map. Only women are allowd inside. Once there, climb to the top of the spire. Talk to her. She then offered to sell us an exact replica of her outfit for rupees.

Zelda BoTW How to Enter Gerudo Town - Forbidden City Entry Quest

Breath of the Wild. Kara Kara Bazaar Fashion Passion. The quest sets Link off on a journey to find a man who successfully snuck into Gerudo Town. Vilia is a man who is wearing traditional Gerudo Clothes to disguise himself as a woman. He will offer to sell Link the full Gerudo set for Rupees.
Rhondson is a character in Breath of the Wild. Link then speaks to Rhondson, who meets these requirements. Rhondson comments that Akkala is far away, but admits that she needs to get away from a village full of other women.