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When you think about freckles, what do you think of? Fair-skinned children whose mothers slather sunblock on them? Bright, shocking red hair? Maybe even Pippi Longstocking? The answer is yes—there are many black people with freckles, as well as people with other skin tones who have freckles, too. Freckles, also known as ephelides, are clusters of melanized skin.

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I don't know about you but a black woman with freckles is my weakness. And it's not fetishizing, it's complete and utter admiration. I've always believed freckles to be a thing of beauty. Within the last year or so, as I've seen more and more freckled black women creep into my timeline on Instagram and my dashboard on Tumblr, spreading their unique brand of magic — I'm captivated by how beautiful the stark contrast of freckles painted onto their otherwise blank canvas truly is. They are like dotted i's on a masterpiece. The constellations that paint the cheeks, noses, chins, and foreheads of these women act like stars in the darkest sky.

Model Nikia Phoenix Opens Up About Learning to Love Her Freckles

Beauty bloggers and makeup aficionados alike have taken up a new trend, adding faux freckles to their faces. Although people tend to associate freckles with white people, they occur in every race. And there are quite a few famous black freckled beauties, including Nia Long and Nikia Phoenix.
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