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Sexual abuse toward children and adolescents is a stark reality worldwide. A common misperception about child sexual abuse CSA is that it is a rare event perpetrated against girls by male strangers in poor, inner-city areas. To the contrary, CSA is a much too common occurrence that results in harm to millions of children, boys and girls alike, in large and small communities, and across a range of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. These acts are perpetrated by many types of offenders, including men and women, strangers, trusted friends or family, and people of all sexual orientations, socioeconomic classes, and cultural backgrounds. CSA encompasses many types of sexually abusive acts toward children, including sexual assault, rape, incest, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children. There are many definitions of CSA in use, each of which may have subtle differences in coverage or terminology that influence surveillance and reporting efforts, and potentially lead to different policy, service, or legal implications.

Child sexual abuse images and online exploitation surge during pandemic

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60 kids 'horrified' as hacker streams sex abuse video during Zoom call

Please see our Commenting Policy for more. A tip from U. Read more: Michael McNutt sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually abusing 34 youths. Another matters were referred to authorities in Canada, Asia, Europe and New Zealand for investigation. Police have not elaborated on those allegations.
Please enter a valid email. There were Why it matters: Despite tech companies', law enforcement agencies' and legislators' best efforts to prevent the spread of child pornography, the number of reports has exploded over the last 3 decades as technology makes abusive images more accessible and easier to spread. How it works: The number of child abuse reports has increased in tandem with the rise of encryption technology, specifically encrypted messaging apps. By the numbers: In , there were more than 3, reports of child sexual abuse imagery.