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Sexual feelings, attractions, fantasies and desires affect virtually all people from at least puberty onwards. The average age of puberty for girls in the UK is 12 to 13, 13 to 14 for boys. In common with other aspects of development, the age at which puberty occurs varies widely from person to person. It is normal for the onset of puberty in different individuals to start as young as 8 or to be delayed until 16 or The age at which people first begin to act on their sexual interests also varies widely and can be affected by a large range of factors including biological development, hormone levels, cultural factors, religious and moral views, upbringing, self-esteem, education and socio-economic status.

Top Reasons Why Young People Have Sex (or Don't)

Young women under 16 years with experience of sexual intercourse: who becomes pregnant?

The UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in western Europe. Although there is a large body of literature focusing on predictors of conception among this age group, almost all the work compares those young women who have become pregnant with their peers, regardless of whether or not their peers have experienced sexual intercourse. Those who engage in sexual intercourse at a relatively young age will often have had more opportunity to become pregnant than those whose sexual debut comes later. Similarly, the fact that those who use contraception at first intercourse have been less likely to conceive than those who do not could reflect the overall patterns of contraceptive use: young women who have used contraception at each occasion of intercourse will have had less chance to conceive than those who have not. Having a young partner at first intercourse suggests that, if this pattern continues, the couple may lack the resources needed to prevent a pregnancy due to the immaturity of both partners. Attempts to reduce conception rates among this age group need to be grounded firmly in an understanding of this social phenomenon. A large and growing body of literature focuses on the predictors of teenage pregnancy, comparing young women who have become pregnant with their peers.

Young women under 16 years with experience of sexual intercourse: who becomes pregnant?

In Part 1 , we looked at the components of sexual readiness. The following are common reasons why people choose to have sex. Some are specific to young people, while others may be found at all age levels. For one, there are many ways to experience physical pleasure that do not involve having sex. What is maturity?
Belgium has a law to protect young people from engaging in sexual intercourse when they are too young to make a proper decision. This is the law on the age of consent. In Belgium, the age of consent for engaging in sexual intercourse is Before that age, strictly speaking, it is forbidden to have sexual intercourse.