Vsauce mind field episode 2

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He has become a staple of online science education, as his YouTube videos are created to break down and explain complex ideas in a relatable and almost comedic manner. His new show, Mind Field, dives into the world of human psychology, perception, cognition, and neuroscience. Sounds like our kind of show! Which is why we were so amped when our co-founder Tim Marzullo traveled to sunny Los Angeles to visit and film at the YouTube production studio! Our very own little slice of neuroscience education would now be exposed to the masses! Cue mad scientist laughter.

Mind Field

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Mind Field is back! In the first episode of season 2, a classic thought experiment is made real. The Trolley Problem. Why do things fall?

Mind Field a word play on minefield and mind is an American web television series produced exclusively for YouTube Premium , created and presented by Michael Stevens , the creator of the YouTube channel Vsauce. The format of the series is based heavily on that of Vsauce, with Stevens presenting documentary-style episodes which focus on aspects of human behavior, particularly the brain and the influences of consciousness. Three seasons of Mind Field have been released on Vsauce, each one with eight episodes.
Michael explores how electricity can be used to move cockroaches, control other peoples' limbs, restore motion to people who are paralyzed and even read peoples' minds. Michael travels to London to meet a blind, autistic savant with astonishing musical abilities, and volunteers to have his brain's function temporarily disrupted at UCLA's Neuromodulation Lab. Browse our picks. Join me on a journey into the mysterious depths of the human psyche as I investigate the strange and surprising terrain of the Mind Field.