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Discussion in ' Fallout 4 ' started by Tiny Tim , Mar 30, No Mutants Allowed. This is a coincidence, right? I mean these clowns wouldn't be trying to insult obsidian. For those who don't know, the "pillars of the community" is a cult in fallout 4, supposed to be dedicated to bring things back to the way they were in the good old world. Upon meeting them the player finds out that they are actually scammers who demand all the player's stuff and then the player basically kills them, all in a typical unfunny bethesda way.

Pillars of the Community

Pillars of the Community | No Mutants Allowed

The Pillars of the Community is a small cult based in the Charles View Amphitheater , operating in the Commonwealth in Presenting themselves as a new movement that is quickly gaining traction in the Commonwealth , the Pillars of the Community seeks to gain new followers through the distribution of fliers to nearby settlements. Its missionaries promise those who join a "better life" and welcome all who come to the Charles View Amphitheater seeking the "truth" about the troubled world. He sometimes pays a visit to settlements to spread the word about the Pillars, and encourages all new members to voluntarily give up all of their "worldly possessions" as a first step toward "salvation. A trained eye can discover that the cult is in reality a cover for a scam operated by Thomas.

Any benefits to joining the Pillars of the Community?

A Pillar of the Community is an unmarked quest in Fallout 4. Engage conversion with Brother Thomas. Kill the Pillars of the Community. He will make grand statements about improving the lives of everyone in the Commonwealth. If the Sole Survivor agrees to join the group, he will take the Survivor into the back and ask them to forfeit all of their worldly possessions in favor of the Pillars of the Community.
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