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Sasuke was pardoned for all his crimes and decided to go on a journey to atone for his sins. Things between Sasuke and Sakura have been sunk since his departure of the village, but now that Sasuke has returned to the good side, their relationship have now finally begun to settle and then grow. Naruto on the other hand, still had a crush on Sakura despite he already made up mind on still loving Sasuke. However unbeknownst to him that there was someone else out there who had an interest in him And she is not who you think it is in this story! It was currently Noon at the Yamanaka Flowershop, the beautiful blonde kunoichi that was now finding stability after the war with working at her family's business place and keeping it going.

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Naruto stepped into the hospital with a wide grin on his face and bouquet of flowers behind his back. It wasn't often that Naruto and the residents of the Hidden Leaf got a break but right now, they were in a time of peace, and Naruto was going to take full advantage of that by making another gesture towards the love of his life. Even after everything, the blonde haired idiot was still head over heels for Sakura, if anything he had grown even more in love with her. Seeing how strong she had grown after the two years he left and how capable she had become. He hadn't tried to win her affections for a while, seeing as she was deadset on Sasuke, even after he left but a little thing like him wasn't going to make Naruto give up just yet. Besides, who knows, maybe Sakura was starting to get a little fond of him as well. After finding out that she was scheduled to be in room , Naruto wasted no time in looking around for her in the hospital.

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It was a bright and wonderful day for Ino Yamanaka. She had just filled in for her mom in the flower shop while her mother went out for an errand. Soon she was flying above Konoha, as she soared through the village in the body of a pigeon.