My daughter had sex

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Advice for parents about the signs that your child may be sexually active and how to talk about it from parenting expert Jan Faull, MEd, plus sex education resources for teenagers and parents. Teens date. Sometimes whether you're ready for it or not. And if you're not, what comes next can be downright terrifying:. The signs your son or daughter may be having sex are not hard to spot.

How to React if You Find Out Your Teen is Sexually Active

My teen is having sex and I don't trust her. How do I set boundaries? - Kidspot

I recently discovered that my year-old is having… gulp… sex. Now we have to provide a doctor visit and contraception, with instruction on practicing safe sex condom included. I feel like we are condoning her sexual activity. We want a safe girl, a responsible girl, and a not-pregnant girl.

I Found Out My Teen is Having Sex — What Do I Do?

I have a sexually active and-a-half-year-old daughter. Her boyfriend of 12 months is 18 years old. She has betrayed my trust in the past by sneaking out at night to be with him and obtaining a second phone to be able to contact him at night. My problem is that I don't trust her and she hates that I don't.
I think, on some level, we all realize this day is going to happen eventually. So, as a parent, what can you do? Before you talk with your child, take the time to cool down and get some emotional distance from the situation. Indeed, when you first find out, you may be freaking out, and no one does well under those circumstances.