Does having sex delay your period

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Can sex alter your monthly period? The short answer is no, not really. Having said that, there are several factors that can impact your ability to have a period, some natural and some not. Your ovary releases a follicle oocyte each month, around day 14 to 16 of your menstrual cycle.

Can Sex Change Your Period?

Can Sex Change Your Period? – Knix

Most of us have thought it before: Why is my period late? Late periods are the worst! Having to constantly worry about when it will come, and if your bedsheets and underwear will get stained , is a huge bummer. More than that, for some sexually active people, having a late period can be one of life's most stressful experiences, and unprotected sex before a late period can mean it's time to take a pregnancy test. But if you're not sexually active, and you're sure you aren't pregnant, there are still plenty of reasons for a delayed period. After getting your first period, it can take a few years for them to become regular," explains Dr.

6 Reasons Your Period Is Late (Other Than Pregnancy)

Missed periods aren't the most fun. Most of you will have been there; you notice your period is days late and immediately jump to the conclusion that you're pregnant. Even if you've not had sex in the last nine months and it literally would have had to happen by immaculate conception.
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