Teenage hard

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Have our advances in technology failed to see the harmful ways that same technology is damaging our kids? Listening to these girls talk about what struggles they face in life brought back some powerful memories. Other girls were struggling to make friends and figure out who to sit with at lunch and during the activities. Yet, even with all of the things we could visibly see as different, there were so many similarities too.

A Parent's Guide to Surviving the Teen Years

The Teenage Years: 10 Struggles Only a Teenager Understands - Raising Teens Today

Yes, society and technology has come on a long way — but life as a teen is by no means easy. In fact, even though adults endure everything from work problems to debt, no period of your life comes close to being as difficult as your teenage years. Everything is changing both physically and emotionally and yet you are thrust in to the most intense situations of your young life, discovering heartbreak, anxiety, low self esteem and peer pressure along the way. The terror of failing and facing a bleak future of no income and no pride results in sleepless nights and serious spells of anxiety. While this pressure mounts against you to do well, your body is trolling you. Our good friend science has proven that mood swings are a biological part of growing up.

Coping with your teenager

Teenagers are basically little kids in grown-up bodies. Parents, and seemingly everyone else , expect them to act all grown up and yet, deep down inside all they really want to do is go outside and play with their friends figuratively and literally. Imagine waking up and feeling sad, angry or irritable and not really knowing why? Dramatic behavior within reason, of course is a normal part of the teenage years in part due to sheer biology i.
I have long thought that when it comes to being a parent in the pandemic, it might be the hardest for parents of teenagers. Not so for parents of teens. I recall with poignant shame what a complete nightmare I was at 16 when I was told, for various sensible reasons, that I could not hang out with my idiot friends. I can only imagine the epic battles that would have ensued had there been a pandemic raging, keeping me from hotboxed station wagons. So in fairness to teens in , this is a particularly difficult time to be young.