The lotus position sex

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Sexpert revealed that the love-making position involves the man sitting cross-legged, with his partner perched on top. Everyone likes to get down and dirty between the sheets every once in a while and a new position has been sending couples wild nowadays. The sexpert says it could be the new sensual addition to send sparks flying in the bedroom. According to a report published in The Sun, sexpert Sadie Allison revealed that the love-making position involves the man sitting cross-legged, with his partner perched on top. She further adds that the couple should be face-to-face to take the intimate move to the next level. Recently Queening too came to news for being the most empowering sex position all women need to know.

Lotus is the latest sex position couples are trying

The lotus sex position, ideal when you're feeling lazy AF |

When thinking about what sexual position to showcase this month, I kept thinking of the old saying April showers bring May flowers. Lotus is designed to enhance intimacy and foster closeness between partners. It is also considered a tantric sexual position and thus, it is meant to be a slow, mindful sexual experience versus a quick sexual experience. Thus, this partner will be sitting up with their legs either pulled in close to the body or crossed over one another think criss-cross applesauce.

Lotus is the Appropriately Cozy & Emotional Sex Position to Try During Pisces Season

Click here to read the full article. As the sun continues to journey through the Zodiac calendar, so will we with our sexy recommendations for each season. We highly recommend the experience of getting your chart read by an astrologer for the full rundown of what the star says about matters of your heart and your bedroom. Some of my favorite people are Pisces — they feel so many things so deeply and wholly in a way that feels really wise and brave in a world that often wants you to squirrel those things away. You can be a hardcore realist one second, then desperate to escape into a fantasy world the next.
There are two states of being that often cannot co-exist together harmoniously - the state of being lazy and the state of being horny. Both are good things to be - great things to aspire to - and yet, often, if you find yourself experiencing both in conjunction with one another, you're left feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. Enter the lotus sex position - the easy way to get your bit when you're feeling lazy AF, but still want to F. Your partner sits upright with their legs crossed while you straddled them and wrap your legs around their waist - then sex occurs.