Summertime saga sisters pass

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Jenny's Storyline will introduce you to your snobby roommate, and eventually form a relationship with them. To complete this path, you'll need a high Intelligence and Strength stat, a working computer, and a fair amount of money. This Storyline can be started as soon as Day 1 is complete. A number of Jenny's scenes require her to be in a certain part of the house. If she's not where you need her to be, try again the next day.

Eve’s route

Eve’s route - Summertime Saga Wiki

Sex with Eve provides the option of making her pregnant. Eve has a chance to appear in the bathroom in the evening by the fourth and fifth weeks of pregnancy. It takes another two weeks until the newborn is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Eve. Sex with Grace provides the option of making her pregnant.

Mia and Helen’s route

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