Shinozaki rika (sword art online)

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Rika Shinozaki

Shinozaki Rika - Sword Art Online / Sword Art Online / Anime - Otapedia | Tokyo Otaku Mode

On June 24, , Asuna visits her for maintenance of the Lambent Light. Lisbeth teases Asuna about going on a date, but feels envious at the same time. On June 25, Kirito came by to pick a sword on par with his Elucidator. Lisbeth's skepticism of his low-profile looks leads Kirito to breaking her best blade with his.

Shinozaki Rika

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She is one of the 10, players who were trapped in Sword Art Online, where she became a blacksmith and opened up her own store in Lindarth. During the course of the game, she opened a new blacksmith store in Yggdrasil City. Her blacksmith uniform looks more like the uniform of a waitress: a dark red top with puffed sleeves and a flared skirt of the same color, combined with a pure white apron on top of it, as well as a red ribbon atop her chest. Lisbeth is a very friendly person that can get along with just about everyone she meets.