Sexy guys in uniform

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Ask just about any woman and she'll tell you: there's just something sexy about a man in uniform. Maybe it's because it's a sign of bravery and commitment to something, maybe it's because it shows confidence, or maybe it's just because they are so perfectly form-fitting. Whatever the reasoning, they are hot. In case you needed some eye candy this Valentine's Day, here are the top 5 cream of the uniform crop! They can save your life, they are brilliant, and they are good with their hands. If that's not enough of a reason, I have one word for you: McDreamy.

The 5 Sexiest Men in Uniform [LIST]

Hot Guys in Uniform

A recent study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior found that women are more likely to find a military man more sexually attractive. While this is due to a combination of factors displaying heroism, bravery, the ability to get a job , the most timelessly tempting part of the package is the wrapping. Would you rather have a man, or a man in uniform? Our brave soldiers are not the only ones with this appeal. All kinds of men in employment-based apparel have their own unique allure to appreciate. In might not be the most glamorous way to serve and protect, but there's something to be said for an attainable guy making an honest living. Where they really shine is in their work get-ups, which vary depending on the security gig, but are always official ly adorable.

The Man in Uniform Image: Why Women Find Them Attractive

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Nowadays, modern concepts have also considered dignified men or men with high authority and responsibility as part of the group. Examples of these are; politicians, diplomats, bankers and corporate figures. It has been suggested that uniforms signify a sense of comfort and security and along with this comes the belief that men dressed in this attire exhibit manliness, authority and bravery.