Sexy girls in ads

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Libe is an LA actress, who has appeared on several TV shows. Source: youtube. Tags: hot girl commercial ad advert advertising acvertisement who is that hot ad girl? Rebecca is an LA actress , who has appeared in many commercials. She can be also seen in current commercials for Cascade and for Diet Dr.

Hot Girls Ads Collection

Hot Girls Ads Collection

Gordon L. Behavioral science research strongly suggests that the appearance of an individual affects the perception of and reactions to the individual. This study attempts to determine the influence of one aspect of appearance--sexiness--upon marketing communications. Advertisement mock-ups with a female communicator were presented to male and female receivers. Attitude measures of advertisement effectiveness, perceptions of the product, and perceptions of the communicator were assessed. The results are discussed in terms of several theoretical explanations and implications for the marketing practitioner.

Sexiest Ads

In the beginning, female hominids used sex appeal to get food from their male counterparts. These days, they tantalize to sell food. And Colonel Sanders isn't the only pimp in town.
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