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The series depicts the adventures of Veronica Mars Kristen Bell as she navigates life as a college student while moonlighting as a private detective. Meanwhile, Parker Lee Julie Gonzalo ends her relationship with Logan, and Keith Mars Enrico Colantoni navigates the issues surrounding his candidacy in the upcoming sheriff's election. In an effort to prevent Veronica Mars from being cancelled, Thomas had filmed a twelve-minute pitch for a concept involving Veronica in the FBI Academy , but it was rejected. When writing the episode, Thomas and Ruggiero removed seven minutes of material from the original cut; they wanted to create an ambiguous finale that did not resolve everything neatly. At the time of its original broadcast, the episode was viewed by 2.

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A Trip to the Dentist

The series depicts the adventures of Veronica Mars Kristen Bell as she deals with life as a high school student while moonlighting as a private detective. In this episode, Veronica resolves the mystery of her sexual assault a year earlier by talking to previous acquaintances and learning about the details of what happened at Shelly Pomroy's party a year earlier while she was under the influence of GHB. Meanwhile, Duncan Teddy Dunn returns from running away earlier , and Veronica and Logan's relationship matures as she reacts to the news that he had roofies the night of the party. The episode, which resolved Veronica's date rape , one of the main story arcs of the first season, was critically acclaimed.
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