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It's a lot like starring on "Saved by the Bell. Well, I certainly hope so! So Screech is trying to be Tom Green. No, I guess I meant "I hope I'm not proven wrong"? Shit, I don't know what I meant.

Screech Sex Tape Uncovered

Dustin 'Screech' Diamond Talks About His Sex Tape Debacle (VIDEO) | HuffPost

Yes, we know, our world is shattered too ahem. Speaking in an interview with The Daily Beast, Dustin explained how the whole sex tape idea was just a way to make money and even HE isn't stupid enough to get his actual peen out on film. Describing how he saw everyone from Colin Farrell to Paris Hilton doing the deed on camera, he says: "My buddy and I were sitting on the couch and [Paris'] video came on the news, and they were saying that it was confirmed that she had business relations with this video and was making money off of each one sold. So my friend said, 'Damn, buddy! A Screech video's gotta be worth at least a million!

Dustin Diamond

Just seeing screech hitting on two women is worth watching this movie. Some of his comments are funny, but most are stupid. As for being staged maybe, but how many staged films would take the time to mess up a hotel room as bad as they did on this film. It looks as if there was a party in the room before Screech arrived.
Actor Dustin Diamond won the hearts of "Saved by the Bell" viewers as Samuel "Screech" Powers, one of the most popular nerds of the '90s. You're a professional and you got to know your lines and rehearse and practice. It was making sure that you were the funniest and the best that you can be because if you weren't funny, you could be replaced.