Men playing with sex toys

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Sarah Forbes-Roberts co-founder of Come as You Are sex shop says sex toys for men have come along way over the past five years. This article was published more than 7 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. One comes packaged in an egg carton doodled by artist Keith Haring; another could be mistaken for an IKEA bauble; a third resembles a remote control for a gaming system. All are sex toys designed for men, and Canadian retailers are seeing brisk sales of all three. A far cry from "Bianca," the trashy, pneumatic sex doll popularized in the film Lars and the Real Girl , the new adult toys for men have evolved into sleekly designed, almost artful objects.

Report: More People Are Using Sex Toys With Their Partners

Why You Really Should Be Using Sex Toys, According To A Guy That Does - GQ

Startup Europe. Grown up reporting. Sextech — technology to enhance and improve our sex lives — has grown from having a seedy reputation, consigned to the shelves of sex shops, to a multimillion euro digital industry in recent years. This is partly due to the fact that women buy more sex toys than men , but now, sextech startups are increasingly designing products to help men keep it up, stay stronger and last longer in bed than ever before. The MYHIXEL differs from competitors in that it warms to body temperature, vibrates at a low intensity, and internally mimics the vaginal canal. Given that the main drug used to treat premature ejaculation, paroxetine, increases time until climax by three times, MYHIXEL looks like a serious solution, according to the company. European sextech is also disrupting the need for sexual wellness pharmaceuticals such as Viagra.

A lot of Americans say they're using sex toys more while stuck in quarantine

Earlier this year, we strongly encouraged men to start using vibrators during sex with their partners , and it seems some of you have wisely taken that advice. According to a recent study from sexual wellness company Ella Paradis , more than half of respondents are buying sex toys with partnered play in mind. The study, released earlier this week, found that 61 percent of sex toy buyers said they buy sex toys for themselves and their partners. Meanwhile, the study also found that 41 percent of Americans use sex toys for both sex and masturbation.
Be kind to yourself. Due to the coronavirus, sex-toy sales are up, stigma is down. If sex-toy sales are any indication, people are seeking sexual pleasure during this anxiety-fraught period of extended social isolation. Psychologist Laurie Mintz echoes that sentiment. Enjoy yourself.