Make a flesh light

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If you've ever found yourself bored and not knowing what to do, this video tutorial might help you out. See how to make a homemade spin toy with a button. Just get out a pair of scissors, a large button, a glue stick, string and a small piece of paper and you can begin buildin Make an antigravity toy with just some magnets, a pyrex bowl, coper wire, a playing card and some aluminium foil.

18 More Ways To DIY A Fleshlight Than The World Ever Asked For

Make a Homemade Fleshlight Toy « Wonder How To

If some of the above defines you after all a do-it-yourself masturbator may be an ideal solution that is temporary you. We state short-term because, for me personally, absolutely absolutely nothing actually beats a fleshlight that is genuine. However they are costly to purchase and their size that is bulky means they may not be constantly practical to move. A homemade that is simple model may be an affordable and easy alternative in a pinch.


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This is a picture tutorial of how to make your own homemade Fleshlight male sex toy. All it requires is some starch, a cup, a stick, a microwave, and a refrigerator. That's how embarrassing ER visits happen.