Link and ruto fanfiction

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Princess Ruto had memories of a lot of Zora suitors, but only one sparked her particular interest, and that one was not a Zora, but a Hyrulian, a Hyrulian named Link, yes she had fallen for one of the people of land, not of the sea, like her father wanted. True Link was a bit of a mute, but he talked when he needed to, and he had agreed to be her fiance which really made her happy on the inside, for more reasons than one, but she would think of that 'thing' later, now she had stuff she had to do as Princess of Zora's Domain. Many people always thought that Link would fall for the Princess of Hyrule, Princess Zelda, or maybe the farm girl Malon, and of course maybe his childhood friend Saria, but no. He had fallen in love with the princess of the Zoras, Ruto. Some people thought they had something in their ears when they heard this, but before they could say anything, Link was already running towards Zora's Domain. He thought he should let Epona rest since she was hurt during one of his fights with a monster and he couldn't let her walk for a while.

link and ruto fanfic

The Ways of Ruto, a legend of zelda fanfic | FanFiction

Link first hears about Princess Ruto when he receives a letter in a bottle that is supposedly written by her, stating that she was swallowed by Jabu Jabu and asked for somebody to save her. When goes inside in an attempt to rescue her, Ruto states that she willingly entered the whale deity in order to find out what is wrong with him and that she never wrote a letter asking for help. Link insists on protecting her so she finally allows to carry her around the dungeon. She explains that this why she went inside of him and tells Link to take her home. However Ruto is kidnapped so Link is forced to continue the dungeon while searching for her.

There are multiple problems when it come to finishing a quest. When one's destiny is to fight a great evil and to vanquish it for good, there are damages done that can't simply be pushed away. Riding Epona, Link was lost in his thoughts. Travelling in the great fields of Hyrule, the hero of time had saved the sages, defeated Ganondorf and did his duty, saving everything and everyone from what could have been.
Disclaimer: Of course, I own nothing…except me…for now…I'm pretty sure my brother is planning to sell me as a maid or servant to rich people so he can have money to buy a new phone every other month…. Note: Right now this is a oneshot, but I think it has potential to be a series of oneshots eventually…maybe. The Ways of Ruto. Ruto looked around in the semi-darkness.