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Outside a sprawling sports complex in Los Angeles, a line of more than 50 eager-looking girls is snaking along the side of the building. Some sit cross-legged on the concrete, fiddling with smartphones and false eyelashes. Tahirih Toche, sporting glittering gold and blue eyeshadow, was the first in line at 6. The year-old from Maryland — 2, miles away on the opposite coast — graduated from high school this summer and has travelled here alone to her first ever try-out. Savanah Edlund, meanwhile, has been through this before.

L.A. Lakers: 5 Biggest Scandals in Lakers History

15 Things The NBA Doesn't Want You To Know About The Los Angeles Lakers

They have won 15 NBA championships, are the second most valuable team in the league, and no franchise has made the playoffs more than the Lakers. The Lakers star power has even transcended sports as no team in the world can boast the array of celebrity fans that the Lakers can. They were founded in Minneapolis in , moved to L. From players to coaches to owners; the Lakers have been embroiled in controversy for as far back as one can remember. Teammates fighting, allegations of drug use, sex parties, and even a planned murder-for-hire are deeply embedded in the Lakers history.

Before, Johnson needed only answer questions about free-throw percentages, last-minute victories and assist totals. Now, the focus has shifted to indelicate queries about his personal life and sexual habits. And the easy sexual aura that surrounds the players, Johnson included, was a part of the appeal. One-night stands are part of the life for many professional athletes, male and female, as they travel constantly and receive tempting propositions of sex.
They were one of the greatest NBA teams to ever take the hardwood. We talked to the former Sports Illustrated columnist about Showtime , his buzzy new Lakers book that charts the electric stylings and all-time influence of that dynastic Los Angeles team. From the sounds of it in your book Showtime, it appears the 's Lakers weren't far off from that tally. Just how large of a role did sex play with this team? Well, a lot.