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In a world where sex is still viewed as taboo by — especially when it comes to women — we could do with a little bit more sex positivity. Here are the five sex positive bloggers to follow in Empowering conversations about sex and health should include everyone, and these five bloggers are educating the internet about every aspect of sexuality, dismantling the taboos one by one. Pleasure was nowhere to be seen on the syllabus, and whatever was discussed was painfully heteronormative.

5 Sex Positive Bloggers That Will Totally Change The Way You See Sex

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Intimina believes every woman — whether solo or in a relationship — deserves a lifetime of incredible sex. Think of us like a best friend or the older sister you never had. When you mix sex science with a lot of heart and soul, beautiful things and orgasms! Some years ago, I was getting lunch with a fierce friend, and no surprise here, we were talking about masturbation. She told me about a practice that she does called….

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However, ranking the best sex blogs is a blunt tool, and there are some problems with the system. After a hell of a lot of chatting about this yesterday, I wanted to write down a few thoughts on blog lists and rankings. From the first time we get a good grade in school, through essay marks at Uni and performance reviews at work, being able to quantify your achievements is a satisfying thing.
This feature is only available for subscribers. Please contact your EnhanceTV school administrator or email help enhancetv. Sex Blogs girls charts the rise and fall of an online phenomenon that began as a new brand of headline-grabbing clit lit but which ended in a tabloid sting and the public humiliation of the very woman who created it.