Careers for adhd adults

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Career satisfaction is often viewed as a distant, unattainable goal, especially for individuals with ADHD, whose symptoms can pose problems in managing workplace demands. A recent ADDitude survey, however, toppled our expectations, as many of our readers report tremendous job satisfaction not in spite of ADHD — but because of it. We are not too disorganized, too distracted, or too bored to succeed at the workplace. As it turns out, the vast majority of adults with ADHD are satisfied with their work and feel their current positions showcase and leverage their strengths. We love what we do, and we are good at it.

16 Good Jobs for People with ADHD

Best Jobs for People with ADHD

That said, the creative, engaging, interactive professions on this list make the most of ADD attributes like empathy, energy, enthusiasm, and hyperfocus under pressure. While there isn't a one-size-fits-all career that works for every adult with ADHD wouldn't that be nice? These jobs rely on your dynamic personality and thoughtful creativity, though they may put your patience to the test. Most journalists cover a broad range of topics, interact with a variety of people, and deliver a quick turnaround on assignments — all a good fit for a person with loads of energy, a short attention span, low boredom threshold, and problems with sustained focus over days. Hard deadlines , however, may be a challenge.

Great Job! A Career Happiness Formula for Adults with ADHD

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Having adult ADHD can work for you if you choose the right job. These careers work around adult ADHD symptoms and can spell professional success. This does mean you'll have to find an organizational system that works for you and maintain a solid schedule, but the key is liking what you do. Being a high-level, independent salesman usually requires a college education and good people skills — both attainable for those with adult ADHD. David G.