Can sex ruin a relationship

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By Flannery Dean Updated January 23, Just as great sex can prolong an unhealthy relationship, bad or unsatisfactory sex can sadly torpedo a good one. Where there is love, respect, and an equal amount of self-awareness and good humour, there too, exists the possibility of sizzling clinches and tender intimacies. Unfortunately, bad sex can sometimes loom very large, overshadowing other positives in a partnership. Rather think of it more as a signal alerting you to the fact that a relationship tune-up is needed. Your mantra: It will get better Complacency and resignation is the enemy of progress in a relationship.

How Sex Problems Can Destroy A Relationship

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Once people start having an intimate life, a lot of things come into play. You can't just go willy-nilly into a new partnership without intentionally trying to keep it healthy, consensual, and happy. You also want to make sure you avoid things that will ruin intimacy for you. While sex isn't the most important part of life, it does have a fairly prominent standing. When it comes to sex, good sexual health is paramount.

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My question is about forming lasting relationships rather than any initial problems meeting girls. I was seeing this girl recently and initially things went really well — I felt there was a lot of chemistry and compatibility and we got physical very quickly. We had sex a couple of times and it seemed great at the time, and we both said that we had serious feelings for each other though I said it first. My friends told me not to worry but I felt something was amiss. Finally, she came over to watch a movie and told me that, while she really liked me as a person and as a friend, she was finding it hard to be interested in me sexually.
When your partner has no interest in sex despite your best efforts, it's easy to become perplexed. And without guidance, partners may characterize the problem in ways that can destroy the relationship. Kelly seemed to have it all. A loving mother of three and a public-relations executive in Manhattan, she had a handsome and charming partner who was a successful entrepreneur.