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But the keys to success in such an uphill battle for sympathy lie in encouraging identification. These people are like some part of us, whether we want to admit it or not. Flawed figures allow us to embrace, and perhaps even correct, such shortcomings. We are meant to look down at her pathetic, juvenile antics. Why are you insane? Rauch gives her all to the character, constantly contorting her face into a snarl that makes infinitely meme-worthy Kayla Maroney look friendly.

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REVIEW: The Bronze | Marshall and the Movies

Will you like this movie or will you bail after 10 minutes? If you are easily offended, stop reading this review now. From this point forward I will assume that I only have similar-minded readers, so I am confident to recommend this movie. Be forewarned that this movie is loaded with strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and a steady stream of sarcastic foul language throughout.

“The Bronze”

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Her inspired performance on a ruptured achilles at the world's most prestigious gymnastics tournament clinched an unlikely bronze medal for the U. But in the years since that epic third place victory, Hope hasn't done a whole lot with her life. Still living in her dad Stan's Gary Cole basement, still sporting her daily uniform of a Team USA gym suit with teeny-bopper bangs, ponytail and scrunchie, she spends her days at the mall milking her minor celebrity for free food and favors.