Bad fuck stories

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The crash of a bottle breaking against brick echoes into the parking lot of 21 Romoda Drive. One of the girls picks up a wine bottle and stares it down, muttering something under her breath. Liz stumbles away from an almost empty beer can to comfort her friend. As Liz gives her a much-needed squeeze, Jen looks to the ground at the flickering disco lights left over from a party that everyone else abandoned for the bar. Jen, a vibrant, strong-willed college junior, has been seeing James for a few months now. It started with a few snapchats, and quickly became an uncontrollable vice for both.

Bad Fuck Series

Bad Fuck Series by Naomi Kramer

That's right, I'm on to you. You do the shitty things we all do and you don't admit it either. Don't believe me? Here's eleven of them. I have a secret I want to tell you. So while you sit around and agonize about what life would have been like had you stayed with your ex-boyfriend instead of dumping him, I already know — you fucked up, girl; he was like, a super nice guy. As you can imagine, it becomes taxing, especially at parties.

Online-Dating Horror Stories

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