American adults have

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Anxiety and Depression. It's not uncommon for someone with an anxiety disorder to also suffer from depression or vice versa. Nearly one-half of those diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Find out more about depression. Women are twice as likely to be affected as men.

Chronic Diseases in America

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Sadness and grief are normal human emotions. We all have those feelings from time to time but they usually go away within a few days. Major depression , or major depressive disorder, however, is something more. Left untreated, depression can lead to serious health complications, including putting your life at risk. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for depression through options like therapy, medication, diet, and exercise.

Disability Impacts All of Us

Department of Agriculture. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy People Menlo Park: Henry J.
For many Americans, going online is an important way to connect with friends and family, shop, get news and search for information. The size of this group has changed little over the past four years, despite ongoing government and social service programs to encourage internet adoption in underserved areas. For instance, seniors are much more likely than younger adults to say they never go online.