What you see vs what she sees meme

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What you see vs what she sees | Extra image, Misfits, Youtubers

What You See vs. What She Sees is an image macro meme that allows people to joke about the perspective of someone receiving oral sex and someone performing oral sex. In general, the meme contains a picture of a woman engaging in female-to-male oral sex and a picture of a visibly less attractive man staring downward towards her. One of the earliest versions of "What you see" occurred on November 11th, Twitter user BiiankCaroliina [3] posted two images shown below , the first, of a man and woman kissing, and the second of the same woman kissing a stack of money. On May 24th, , Buzzfeed [1] published a listicle juxtaposing what pets see vs.

What you see vs what she sees Meme Generator

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