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Jack and mum were on the first week of lockdown, the coronavirus was affecting everyone's lives. Mum was an Accountant with her own firm; all her staff were working from home apart from the receptionist, who was still working from the office. OMG, Nooooooo, it has just been announced that the whole country will be going into lockdown. It seems that there is new virus going around attacking everyone's respiratory system and causing them to become unwell, getting some distressing symptoms.

Daddy Takes To Tennis

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He sat in the shade of the big tree on the lawn. Up on the tennis court to the side of the house his daughter was playing one of her friends. The two of them made a pleasant contrast, Sally blond and fuller figured and her friend dark-haired and slighter. Their white tennis skirts bounced up and down on their firm haunches and from time to time showed the white pants snug to their bottoms. He realised that made him see Sally in a different light - less as simply his daughter, more as a girl like other girls, as attractive as other girls, and for that matter with a bottom which was as appealing as her friend's. It was pleasant to muse on this, whiling away an afternoon so hot that he had his legs parted in his shorts to cool them and a glass of chill white wine in his hand. Time passed in a bit of a haze till the couple left the tennis court, the friend got into her car in front of the house and drove off, and his daughter crossed the lawn towards him.

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Henry had worked hard all his life and risen from a middle-class worker to a very successful businessman. He lived a full life with a loyal wife, Catherine, and a wonderful daughter, Celeste. However, great success begets greater ambitions and Henry was no longer able to enjoy most of what was a lavish estate. At 48, he was working harder than ever for fear of losing the next million!
Julie told me to come to her house the next day after I had introduced her to the man next door that I had been having illicit sex with. I knocked on her door and her mother let me in. I had just moved in to the area and didn't know anyone. I left my friends and family behind and moved out here to L.