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A generation ago young men might have learnt about sex from their parents, or their teachers, or friends. They might have learnt from fumbling around on the job. But however they did it, they learnt by talking to someone. Then the internet happened, and social media and online porn. In a world of limitless information, of Me Too, dick pics and ubiquitous porn, and when the American president boasts of committing sexual assault, what is a teenage boy supposed to think? And how can he set about learning?

The sex guide every teenage boy needs in the Me Too era

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To all parents who are scared that their teenager is going to have sex too early: Please stop seeing us as these hormonal freaks that only want sex. You would be surprised at how many teens just want someone to love, to call their own, someone they can cuddle with at the movies, someone they can be happy with. Wait until you're out of school and you are sure that you've found the one, then wait awhile Sure, some teenage boys want to "be cool" and sleep with as many girls as possible and sure we get taught about teenage pregnancy, but teenagers are cocky

A View on Teen Sex

THE image of the testosterone-fueled teenage boy is a familiar one. But are boys that age really defined primarily by their sexual urges? Or does the stereotype fall short, telling us less about teenage males and more about a culture that seems to have consistently low expectations of its boys? A new report in The Journal of Adolescence this month suggests that when it comes to sex, girls and dating, boys are more complex than we typically give them credit for.
Premature ejaculation PE , where a man or person with a penis ejaculates before they or their partner has been able to enjoy sex, is really common. As many as one in five men experience early ejaculation at some point in their lives. It affects men and penis-having people of all ages, but premature ejaculation is also present in teenagers. This is known as teenage premature ejaculation. But PE is not just about how long it takes before someone ejaculates.