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Every year, there seems to be one film that kicks you in the stomach and leaves your head reeling. This year, it's Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream , one of the most forceful anti-drug narratives ever to be committed to celluloid. To call this movie a cautionary tale would be to apply a label that is too tame -- Requiem for a Dream presents the darkest take imaginable on a story of hopes and dreams shattered by drug addiction. There's no preaching or sermonizing here, just an almost-clinical depiction of lives laid to waste. This is not a film for the weak of mind or soul.


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By Jonathan Foreman. THOSE wacky censors at the Motion Picture Association of America are at it again, with another bizarrely hypocritical rating decision that will destroy a serious, artistically interesting independent film — unless its maker caves in and cuts out scenes they find unacceptable. Very briefly, you see her performing a simulated sex act with another woman, surrounded by cheering, leering men. Artisan Entertainment, the distributor of the film, is standing by director Aronofsky, who is appealing the ruling rather than cutting the film. Read Next.

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Posted on Friday, February 17th, by Peter Sciretta. Outrage, being offended, taking up small arms in the form of pen, pencil or keyboard to express raging passion about a topic that has displeased me? The way the story ended stood into sharp contrast to the way it started, and I believe it earned every moment you see on the screen.
This not being the most honest of industries, a lot of the money men went quiet when he sent the script for his followup project, which would turn out to be something of a difficult second album. In brief, the book tells the story of four characters living in Brooklyn replaced in the film by Coney Island struggling with addiction, delusion and obsession, all struggling with how to navigate such waters in the shadow of New York City. When Aronofsky asked Selby for his blessing, it transpired that the latter had once worked on his own screenplay years prior. One thing the two differed on was the age of their leads; Aronofsky wanted them to be much younger, between 14 and 16, to further demonstrate the devastating impact of drugs and elicit a greater emotional response from the audience. Begrudgingly, Aronofsky relinquished the point.