Pyramid sex

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Of all the things that Egypt is known for, this by far is the craziest. Why the two of them thought this would be a good idea is a tough question to answer. Not only is climbing pyramids illegal and dangerous, but it is also not exactly conducive to sexual fantasies. People have weird fantasies and this couple seems to have taken it a bit too far. Andreas Hvid, a Danish photographer, released a video and a series of photos on Friday which showed him and a naked woman on the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. The photos were obviously not received too well by both public of Egypt and the government too.

This Guy Climbed 460 Feet To Fake Having Sex On Top Of A Pyramid

Photographer Andreas Hvid Faked A Sex Photo On Top Of An Egyptian Pyramid

It's only the second time I've been naked on one of my pictures," he told the newspaper. Access to the pyramids, just outside of the Egyptian capital Cairo, is closely monitored and controlled in order to try to preserve the ancient structures. When the video and stills first appeared, authorities initially questioned if the stunt was a fake. However, as outrage grew over the weekend, antiquities minister Khaled el-Anany addressed politicians in the Egyptian parliament and called for a full investigation. Hvid told the newspaper he had already attempted the stunt years previously, but had been stopped by the guards around the site. This time, he was better prepared and had mapped a route for himself and the model.

Photographer slammed for sexual photo shoot at Great Pyramid; prompts investigation

Certain people are none too pleased with a Danish photographer after he decided to add one extra bone to the giant grave that is the Great Pyramid of Giza. Andreas Hvid , a Danish photographer, released a video and a series of photos Friday which showed him and a naked woman, uh, copulating on top of the pyramid. That said, it must be noted that others have been able to scale the pyramid in the past with a German man being arrested in Hvid said that he was obsessed with taking the photo for years and planned to make it happen. In late November, Hvid and his partner pulled the trigger on the escapade.
Egyptian authorities have launched an investigation after a video emerged showing two tourists scaling the world-famous Great Pyramid and posing for nude and sexual photographs at the summit. Danish photographer Andreas Hvid posted a video showing himself and a woman on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza near Cairo as night descends over the city. The woman—whose face is pixelated—can be seen removing her top and exposing her bra. Other images show the two posing as if they were having sex, The Guardian reported. The video and images have sparked outrage in Egypt, Denmark and further afield, with many feeling the stunt was culturally and religiously insensitive.