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As general surgeons, we are often asked to evaluate acute abdominal pain. The differential diagnosis of abdominal pain is broad, and includes disorders of the gastrointestinal, urogenital, gynecologic, vascular, and pulmonary systems. Abdominal pain may be caused by infectious, inflammatory, anatomic, or neoplastic processes. The management of abdominal pain varies by etiology, and accurate diagnosis is key to avoiding inappropriate treatment. Specifically, abdominal pain in women presents an additional diagnostic dilemma.

Unexpected Gynecological Findings during Abdominal Surgery

Surgery for Endometrial Cancer

English PDF. Major burn injuries can change how the body looks and works. Burn injuries can also lead to body image concerns. Body image refers to how happy, comfortable, and confident a person is with how he or she looks. About one-third of burn survivors have severe distress about changes in the way their body looks, feels, and works when they are first hospitalized.

Surgery for Endometrial Cancer

What are Chiari malformations? What causes these malformations? What are the symptoms of a Chiari malformation?
Among them may be the cosmetic and health effects of scarring. During a hysterectomy, a surgeon removes all or part of your uterus. In some cases, they may remove your ovaries and cervix as well. There are several ways of doing this, which can affect the type of scar you have. Read on to learn more about the different types of hysterectomies and the types of scars they can cause.