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Whether one is male or female is one of the most important determinants of human health. While males are more susceptible to cardiovascular and infectious disease, they are outnumbered by women for many autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Recently, individual differences in the physiological response to stress have emerged as a potentially important risk factor for these disorders. This raises the possibility that sex differences in prevalence of disease could at least in part be explained by sex differences in the nature of the physiological response to stress. In a psychophysiological laboratory, the autonomic nervous system response can be provoked by many different stressors including physical, mental and psychosocial tasks, while the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis HPAA response seems to be more specific to a psychosocial challenge incorporating ego involvement.

The effects of sex and hormonal status on the physiological response to acute psychosocial stress

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Details on Philips' new sex toy products are out, including pictures much better than our comedy efforts earlier. The images reveal devices that, as you might expect from Philips design, are sleek, curvy and Philips' carefully-worded press release below. These products will specifically target a new and previously unaddressed market of consumers in the year age group who are open to using intimate accessories. Boots, Selfridges of London and www. We have the expertise in health and well-being, a strong track record in product design, a deep knowledge of consumer marketing, as well as a brand shown to lend credibility and appeal to this product category by addressing our target market in an accessible way.

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How do you update and refresh a huge corporate brand like Philips? The common route is to plump for a corporate communication campaign, and Philips has done a fair bit of this, with its "Sense and Simplicity" idea. However, their move into sexual aids is much more likely to change our opinion of the brand.
THE 'Thursday Club' was portrayed in The Crown as Prince Philip's weekly 'escape' from royal life, with scandalous scenes showing him partying with some of Britain's most powerful men and most beautiful women. The Netflix show's portrayal of the a weekly lunch meeting even hints at the sensational and unconfirmed rumours that Philip cheated on the Queen - but just how much of it is a realistic depiction of what actually took place in the s? In fact, one former member of the club recalled previously: "The atmosphere was raffish and mischievous, not that we set out to be deliberately badly behaved, although often things would get a bit out of hand by the time everyone had downed a bottle or two. The club would take place on a separate floor in the restaurant, away from the general public, with our royal source stating that there would often be six circular tables set up in a lavish dining room. While some former members of the Thursday Club have openly spoken about their time there, others have never confirmed that they were regulars.