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It started out like a typical fall Saturday evening, if your typical Saturday evenings start out with dinner with your bi-sexual girlfriend and her bi-sexual girlfriend. Nicole and I had been together for about eight months now. A few months ago she introduced me to Alice, who she had met at the gym and had been enjoying a flirtation with. That night ended in a hot threesome, and that became the norm for us. We get a lot of looks when we go out together.

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These two 19 year old super sexy, super cute male sluts hated one another from the first time they laid eyes on eachother. They both worked in an all male strippers clubs on a deserted old dirt road, but it was packed with horny lusty ladies looking for the sexiest males they could find. Fernando is the cutest, sexiest looking Hispanic Peruvian male you ever saw, with cute dark brown eyes, full sexy lips, long, thick, dark, black hair hanging down in curls to the middle of his back. He is naturally so super smooth skinned and hairless from his cute face to his toes and his skin is a natural dark tan. Buffy the blonde is what he wants to be called. Same size arms, legs, butts, chest, but The Peruvian brunette is the slightly thicker muscled and slightly stronger of the two.


It was the second bout of the night that I had been pinned down in. The first one, I had just lost my bra. That was Tiger Lil! Diamond Vixen, that's me folks!
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