Naked pictures of my daughter

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Indianapolis Metro Police will launch an investigation into what happened inside Tomorrow's Child Daycare Ministry that left naked pictures of young children on a girl's gaming device. The mother of an eight-year-old girl told Eyewitness News her daughter snapped the pictures of two five-year-old girls using a gaming device she recently got for her birthday. The eight-year-old's mother also indicated that she was not aware that her daughter was using the game device to snap photos. The daycare owner says the pictures were taken as the three girls played inside an open upstairs room at the daycare with daycare workers only a few feet away. Daycare owner Mary Copeland said, "I took it serious enough to call the parents immediately - children are curious.

Mother-of-four 'mortified' to discover toddler sent picture of her bare bum to all her contacts

St. Johns County mom says stranger tried to get naked pictures of her daughter on social media

Part of the reason it got to this in Jefferson County, Pa. As a result of that investigation, William Washburn, 30, of Brockport is now accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl at her home in Snyder Township, Jefferson County. This, after the brave girl reportedly told CYS authorities that Washburn was a "bad person" and that he had touched her with his "hands, mouth and tongue," the criminal complaint cited by WJAC-TV states. The girl also told authorities Washburn assaulted her two separate times -- and that both incidents occurred approximately 10 weeks ago. But the mom told the CYS officials she deleted the photos as soon as she saw them, police say. Only after the investigation was underway did the mom tell state police that Washburn is known to take screenshots of teenage girls with his phone, then sends them to himself via email, officials said.

Sharing 'cute' naked photos of your kids online: Just don't

By Monica Greep For Mailonline. A mother-of-four was 'mortified' to discover her tot had sent a picture of her bare bottom to all of the Snapchat contacts in her phone. Emily Schmitt, 30, from Ohio, was 'mortified' to discover her tot had sent a picture of her bare bum to all of the Snapchat contacts in her phone.
It can be tough enough co-parenting children even when there are two committed adults involved, but what happens when one undermines the other and a child is exposed to inappropriate online content as a result? A horrified mum has sought the advice of Redditors after her nine-year-old daughter was exposed to a "naked pic challenge" on TikTok, a dire consequence of her ex-husband allowing the child to have TikTok without the mum's knowledge or consent. I found out by reading her messages with friends and saw that she had sent a link to one of her videos.