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Remember going to the movies? Get ready for an epic movie night! World's last Blockbuster store is now an Airbnb. McDowel bared all in 's "If I did not go seeking it," he says. And about bloody time.

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Kate Winslet on being her 'real something self' in new movie's nude scenes

Kate Winslet is feeling empowered about appearing nude in the upcoming romantic drama "Ammonite. The year-old Oscar winner stars opposite Saoirse Ronan, 26, in the film, which is set in s England and tells the story of the same-sex romance between real-life fossil hunter Mary Anning Winslet and timid married geologist Charlotte Murchison Ronan. Filming love scenes with a co-star nearly two decades younger made the mom of three feel proud to show off her body, Winslet told The Hollywood Reporter. And to have an opportunity to be my real something self, post-children, you know?

'This is how I am now': Kate Winslet was 'excited' to film nude scenes at 44

The year-old stars as Mary Anning, a real-life fossil hunter opposite Saoirse Ronan , who portrays geologist, Charlotte Murchison. The film, directed by Francis Lee, chronicles both the same-sex romance between Anning and the married Murchison as well as the journey of both women working as pioneers in a male-dominated industry. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Winslet revealed Lee allowed both she and Ronan to choreograph the intimate love scenes themselves.
Let's face it. Sex sells. That's why almost every motion picture and television show has some form of sex or mention of the intimate act every few minutes.