How to excite wife

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I write a lot about marriage. I love every aspect of nurturing and sustaining a healthy marriage. One important aspect is intimacy. And yes, intimacy can be pretty broad as well, but today I am talking about how to get your wife in the mood.

10 Ways to Get Your Wife in the Mood Tonight

10 Ways to Get Your Wife in the Mood Tonight - Becky Squire

Gabrielle Morrisey discusses the importance of honesty and gives five fun tips on how to get you your woman to be a wild one in the bedroom. Many men ask me how they can get their female partners, from casual girlfriends to wives of decades of long marriage, to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Men may have dropped the hint which went nowhere, or initiated a kinkier than usual sexual activity that got rejected, so they become fearful, shy or anxious to broach the topic again. Just like our appetite for food, our sexual appetite is unique to each one of us, and we each have our own favourite things we like, and specific things we dislike.

Fox on Sex: 5 Ways to Get Your Wife to Have More Sex With You

If you've fallen in a sexual rut lately, it is may be time to start to re-learning how to seduce your wife and bring back the spark in your marriage. According to some marital sex statistics , there are a few surprising patterns among committed partners-and it's not all doom and gloom. Did you know, for example, that the average couple has sex times per year, which is only slightly more than unmarried people? We Can Help. Source: pixabay.
Guys, believe me when I tell you that this is the biggest sin you can commit when trying to seduce a woman. It will not send us into an orgasmic swoon. Try hugging or kissing. Hold and squeeze our hand.